Visit Barcelona,

I will share with you my goodies and best tips.

You decided to visit Barcelona for your holidays and you are right!

I’m in love with this city!

The goal: take your bearings quickly to visit effectively without getting lost.

In this blog you will find 4 different ways I have created and thought to be able to visit Barcelona in 2, 3, 4 days. A kind of survival’s guide. Based on the different districts, monuments and tourist attractions in “Top 10 Monuments(click on the botton located in the menu).You will find comparative descriptions of existing City Passes, Cards and traps to avoid absolutely. You will also read plans and tips about the different transportations ways (subway, cable cars, airport shuttle, tourist bus…). I will tell you where to go to do the best shopping, to eat good tapas, drink amazing mojitos and all the tourist attractions you have to experience in Barcelona.

Prepare your trip and pack your suitcase! If you have questions about how to schedule your travel or any other informations nedeed, don’t hesitate to send me a message!

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Palace of Catalan Music

Palace of Catalan Music

Palace of Catalan Music Whether you’re a music-lover ot not; the Palau de la Música is a must-see when you visit Barcelona. You’ll also love...

Visit Barcelona

Packing my suitcase well

What to take to go to Barcelona? What we must not forget, the weights to respect for the airlines, the practical information to know on the spot (soundproofing of rooms, night life…).

Visit Barcelona

Which Pass cards to choose?

A Pass’ will make it easier for you to travel. Numerous advantages such as unlimited transport, airport shuttle, skip the line tickets to major tourist sites such as the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, major museums,…

Visit Barcelona

My 4 walks to see everything!

I imagined 4 walks to discover Barcelona according to the monuments you wish to visit. Whether you are in Barcelona for 2, 3, or 4 days, these routes will allow you to visit the city with a truly planned route!

Tous à l'eau

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    • Hello Monique, thank you for your request, in principle yes because the first departures of the Tourist Bus are from 9H to 9H30 (from all stops).

      Enjoy your stay,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  1. Vicente, a few more details. We take Vueling, so T1 apparently. You advise me to take the aerobus which stop for the avenue Granvia Miguel Hernandez (stop indicated with the line 46 of the bus) close to our hotel? And if we don’t have time to pick up our Barcelona Card (30 minutes between airport arrival and ticket office closing), where can we pick it up the next day? and where do I have to take the single tickets to take the bus or the aerobus? That’s a lot of questions, thanks for your help!


    • Hello Mathilde, Several solutions are available to you…
      1°) Take the R2N Train at Terminal 2: Since your hotel is located on Avenguda Granvia Miguel Hernandez, it seems that the hotel is located near Bellvitge station.
      gare bellviotge barcelona
      So you can take the R2N Train to Terminal 2. Which means joining the T2 since you arrive with Vueling (I love this company!) in T1. Arrived at Bellvitge station you will have 11 min. to walk to your hotel. The train can be paid for by the BarcelonaCard. If you are unable to collect your BarcelonaCard in time if the counter is closed, a single ticket will suffice (€2.20). The next day you can pick up your BarcelonaCard at the Plaça Catalunya Tourist Office (itinerary here).

      2°) Solution I will use… Your hotel is 7 minutes away. on foot from Gornal L8 station. I will take an aerobus at Terminal 1 (the aerobus shuttle is not a transport included with the BarcelonaCard, takes about 20 minutes. shuttle). Then I will stop at the stop Plaça d’Epanya to take the metro/train L8 (direction Moli Nou-Ciutat Cooperativa) and you stop at the stop Gornal (8 min. drive). Your hotel is nine minutes away. on foot from Gornal station

      (itinerary here).

      Have a good trip!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  2. Hello
    What does that mean, five waves of purchases
    For example, if I understood:
    I make 5 purchases the same day by grouping together including :
    3 City cards pass to 89€
    1 parking card
    4 entries port aventura
    4 cable car of montjuic
    4 VIP evenings
    Another day I buy four zoo tickets and five other things.
    Same for three times.
    I await your answer.
    Thank you very much

    • Hi Dolene, thanks for your message. Below is an overview of an example of a wave of purchases. The promotional code -20% that you get when buying with the Barcelona CITYPASS’ must be inserted when you buy. This 20% discount code can be used for 5 waves of purchases.
      Example below a wave of purchase with the promo code -20% which allowed to save a little more than 75€.

      visiter barcelone

      Cheers, Vicente to Visit Barcelona

  3. Hi Vicente,

    I hope you are having a great entry of the week! My name is Francisco Pujals and I’m the founder of Coolmapp . Your work with is amazing, the website is full of interesting information for the Barcelona tourists.

    I am contacting you because at Coolmapp we have created a Barcelona City Guide (which is an iPhone App), and we are now looking for partners who can give us exposure in their websites.

    Would you be interested to discuss how we can collaborate?

    You can contact me; moreover, I am based in Barcelona; thus if you too we can also meet in person.

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Best Regards

    Francisco Pujals

    Pd: I left this message here because I have found no contact email, I hope you do not mind.

  4. Hello
    We’d be four adults away visiting Barcelona.
    I would like to know if I buy a City pass card and with the promo code I can buy the other cards with a 20% discount. Also to buy tickets for Port aventura is what I can buy 4 tickets on one card. Thank you in advance

    • Hello Dolene,

      Yes as soon as you have the promo code you can use it for multi-purchases. Attention this code is usable by 5x waves of purchases. Which means on one wave you can make 10 purchases. On a second wave make 3 purchases,… So I recommend you to group your orders. ,)

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  5. Hello, do you think it’s possible to book 2 people 12 minutes flight by helicopter
    Tuesday, February 20 or Wednesday, February 21 or Thursday, February 22? Is it possible to join a group?
    Cheers, Solene

    • Hello Solène, it is necessary to make the reservation for the check-in. When you make your reservation, you will have to choose a date. Then the pilot will contact you by email to tell you the flight schedule. You will need to present your (valid) identity card or passport. Yes it is possible to join a group, you will be able to send a message directly to the pilot to let him know and thus have his return. I loved this helicopter ride, it’s a good choice!

      Barcelona, Vicente to visit Barcelona

  6. Hello Vicente,
    First of all thank you very much for your availability and your reactivity to help people to better inform themselves about Barcelona before visiting, my question is the following: by opting to buy tickets online for the Sagrada or for the Guell park as an example, how will we be able in this case to benefit from the advantages of the Barcelona Card which in turn offers interesting discounts on several historical and leisure sites…

    For example, the online row-cut ticket for the aquarium costs 20 Euro, and the Barcelona Card offers a 20% discount on the aquarium ticket… if you buy the row-cut tickets online, you can benefit from the advantages of this Card or not, knowing that you will only be able to collect this card if you are present at the airport or other…

    Thank you again and good day 🙂

    • Hello Karim, thank you. Yes, you do have discounts thanks to a discount code when you withdraw your BarcelonaCard. So you will have to present your BarcelonaCard at each counter to get this discount. Otherwise you have the Barcelona CITYPASS’ which is an electronic pass including the Sagrada Familia, the Parc Güell, the Tourist Bus Hop On Hop Off, the shuttle A/R between the airport and the city centre, as well as a promotional code of -20%. And this -20% code can be used for your remote purchases. But that’s only with the Barcelona CityPass’ (not the Barcelona Card). In the list there is the aquarium and the Park Guell too…,)

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  7. Very nice website, congratulations!
    I have a question: In the Barcelona CITYPASS’ pass the accesses of the Sagrada familia coupe file is an entrance with audio guide or guided tour or simply the entrance. Thank you.
    Have a nice day. Muriel

  8. Good evening, Vicente,
    I will visit Barcelona with my family for 3 days (husband and 2 children). I would like to have some information.
    Arriving by car we will park at the Hotel. To visit Barcelona, we want to visit the Sagrada Familia, the Parc Güell and discover the Camp Nou then stroll through the streets of Barcelona on foot.
    For these visits is it more interesting to take a Pass? Affordable for the four of us, which one is interesting??
    Is the tourist bus sufficient to move from one point to another?
    I admit I don’t really know what would be best for us!!!! What’s more, we often plan to eat outside.
    Thanks for your help!


    • Hello, Do,
      Thanks for your request, this little family stay in Barcelona will be great for your program! I would have advised you to take the Barcelona CityPass’ but it will be better adapted to those who travel by plane, in fact, it integrates access to the Sagrada Familia, the Güell Park and the Tourist Bus and also allows you to enjoy a -20% code on all other tourist attractions but it also integrates the Airport / City Centre shuttle bus. I would have advised you to book the attraction by attraction separately. Here are the links:

      Sagrada Familia (1H30) : Click here a>>.
      Tourist bus (1 or 2 days access) Click here a>.
      Barcelona Stadium (Camp Nou) (2H30) : Click here a>>.
      Park Güell (2H) : Click here a>.

      As you will be with your children, if you visit Güell Park, a few steps away, you have the Gaudi 4D Experience, it is an exciting attraction that allows you to discover the History of Gaudi monuments (from 7.50€) Click here a>.

      As far as the tourist bus is concerned, it is a real ally allowing you to go from point A to point B (the Barcelona Camp Nou stadium and the Güell Park are rather outside the city centre of Barcelona, the tourist bus will be able to transport you there easily), it may be necessary to take the bus option on 2 days, with you to see.

      Alternatively you can go by subway, depending on your number of days in Barcelona, you can also bring a HOLA BCN card, which allows you unlimited transport (HOLA BCN card from 14.50€)a>>. To visit the city on foot, take a look at the 4 walks in Barcelona that I have imagined, so that you can delay your visits according to the monuments you want to discover and especially according to your visit time: Click here.

      Enjoy your stay in Barcelona!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

    • Bonjour Jess,

      Pardonne-moi pour le retard de ma réponse et il est surement déjà trop tard… Avec les fêtes et l’évolution du site j’ai pris du retard!

      On retrouve des graff’ incroyables dans de très nombreux quartiers comme el Raval, le Quartier Gothique, el Born, la Ciutat Vella, le Poblenou…
      Je te recommande de faire une visite accompagné par un guide qui te permettra d’avoir le bon parcours. Je vais très prochainement faire un article sur ce sujet qui sera assez complet.

      Voici une visite guidée sur le street Art qui te permettra de découvrir un véritable parcours accompagné d’un guide (au choix 2, 3 ou 5 heures) : Cliquer ici

      Barcelonement, Vicente de visiter Barcelone

  9. Good evening, Vicente,
    Thanks for the good advice, we can’t wait!
    The questions come to us as we discover your site and your good advice.
    How many hours does it take to visit the Sagrada Familia, the Parc Guell and the stadium?
    If we take a taxi, we have a 17-month-old child, we normally need a baby seat, how do we do that?
    If we often take the subway, can we buy a pass?
    Thanks again for everything.

    • Hello, I would advise you to make a tour on the article “shopping”, after there is a not bad place but it is necessary to take the car, it is shops called “factory” located near Roca Village near Granolers (20 min. from Barcelona).
      Barcelona, Vicente to visit Barcelona

  10. Hello Vicente,
    During our next visit to Barcelona from 23 to 30 December, we rented a car for 2 days.
    What do you advise us to do in the car? We will leave every day from morning to evening and return to our accommodation near the Sagrada Familia.
    Another question, I will rent a stroller on site for my 17 month old boy.
    I went to the site that you recommend but it doesn’t work, can you confirm me that the stroller rental is still done?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello Isabelle,
      Thank you for your request, yes you have lots to see, especially if you are in the car and you stay there 1 week…
      Already you could visit the Mountains of Montserrat and its Monastery, it’s 45 min. away. by car from Barcelona. You have a beautiful view and it’s beautiful! Then I will advise you to go to Sitges, the beaches and the small village are to visit. You’ll find lots of nice little restaurants there. You can go to Marineland if you have children or to Port Aventura. And then take the opportunity to visit Barcelona too, here is a very complete article that will allow you to organize your walks.

      For stroller hire, here is the link: Click here
      Have a nice stay with your family!

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  11. Hello Vicente
    We are about to book accommodation to spend a week in Barcelona for Christmas.
    We don’t want to stay in the city centre.
    Can you tell me what places you would choose between?
    Icaria avenue priche de la plage
    close to the metro of la sagrada familia
    Thank you very much.
    See you soon Isabelle

    • Hello Isabelle,
      Thank you for your request, your question is interesting. Stay near Icaria beach or Sagrada Familia.
      If we were in high season, without hesitation I would have said “beach Icaria”. But here for Christmas… thinking twice. Already, you must know that you are likely to have wind and a sea often raging in this season. Wet gusts combined with cold are not necessarily the best. The subway stations nearby are L4 (Yellow) lines Bogatell or Ciutadella, it will take you 10 minutes to reach them.

      A Hotel sector Sagrada Familia : You will be near many things. A little more inland, you’ll have a little less wind than on the beach. The Station of the Sagrada Familia L2 and L5 serve a larger network and allows you in the evening when you are tired not to bother too much to go back to your Hotel. You may get a little more noise, but make sure the hotel has soundproof rooms. Then you will have a better stay!

      Have fun in Barcelona!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  12. Hello Vicente,
    We are about to book accommodation to spend a week in Barcelona for Christmas.
    We don’t want to be in the city centre.
    Can you tell me what you would choose as a place between:
    Avenue Icaria near the beach
    close to the metro of la sagrada familia.
    Thank you very much.

  13. I would visit Barcelona this spring 2018, I rented a studio in the neighborhood gracia, is this far from the center ,I would be for 6 days with a teenager
    thanks for the answers

  14. Vicente,

    Which area would you advise me to stay in Barcelona?
    We’ll be with our 8-year-old son and we like to wander around. Your site is really well done, bravo!

    • Bonsoir Jessica, comme tu peux t’en douter, lorsque tu visites Barcelone tu marches quasiment tout le temps (un peu comme New York! ^^). Je te conseillerai de loger dans le centre afin que tu puisses avoir à proximité un maximum de sites touristiques à visiter sans trop t’éloigner. Si j’étais toi, je chercherai un hôtel dans les Quartiers suivants : Barceloneta, Gothico, Sant Marti, la Ribera ou l’Eixample. En bref essaies de rester à proximité de la station de métro Jaume I, ou Barceloneta ou ou Plaça Catalunya. Dans ces zones tu as un paquet de lieux touristiques (Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Port Vell, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Palau de la Musica Catalana (à visiter absolument!…). Je te conseillerai aussi de pouvoir assister au Spectacle de Flamenco y Opera (vas voir l’article, j’ai adoré). Si tu réserves sur Booking (lien avec les options cochées), penses à prendre des chambres insonorisées, tu dois savoir que la plupart des cloisons sont fines comme du papier à musique (sauf si tu choisis une chambre insonorisée). Tu vas certainement trouver des Hôtels à bon prix dans le quartier Gracià, c’est très mignon mais c’est trop loin pour accéder facilement au centre de Barcelone donc évites ce quartier pour y loger. Toutes les attractions doivent être réservées en avance afin d’obtenir son ticket-coupe file et ainsi éviter au maximum les longues attentes. Les visites phares telles que la Sagrada Familia, la Casa Batllo, la Casa Mila, le Stade du Camp Nou, le Parc Güell, les tour visite guidée en vélo… nécessitent une réservation au moins 72h à l’avance et il faut surtout arriver à l’heure fixée au risque de ne pas pouvoir entrer. Pour ton fils, pour le remercier de te suivre partout à visiter des trucs pénibles (pour lui), tu peux prendre le téléphérique du port (cabines rouges) pour aller sur la colline de Montjuïc et manger des frites sur la terrasse panoramique du Miramar, tu peux visiter l’Aquarium de Barcelone, le 4D Gaudi Experiencia (à côté du Parc Güell), le Zoo de Barcelone, le Stade du Camp Nou si il est fan du FC Barcelone (le musée est très complet) et découvrir le plus vieux parc d’attraction d’Europe, le Parc Tibidabo. Tu peux aussi réserver une balade en vélo avec Mathieu le guide Belge super sympa (attention la dégustation tapas est petite mais la visite en vélo est vraiment à faire!), faire une visite en Segway le long des plages ou louer des trottinettes électriques. Pour te déplacer je te conseillerai de prendre une carte HOLA BCN couplé à une Barcelona CITYPASS’ (voir l’article avec le comparatif).

      Amuses-toi bien sur barcelone et à ta dispo si tu as d’autres questions,
      Vicente de visiter Barcelone

  15. Hello Vicente,

    We have an EVG scheduled next week (Saturday 23 September 2017) on Barcelona.

    We are a group of 11 boys (average age 30) and would be interested in the Limousine+Club service.
    Can you tell me a little bit more?
    Is the limousine tour planned in Barcelona itself?
    When will we receive the VIP cards?
    Is the VIP table automatically booked or do we have to plan directly with the box when we arrive?

    Thank you for your answer,

    See you soon,

    • Hello Hugo, it’s going to be good, an EVJ in BCN! Yes the Limousine Tour plans to pick you up at your Hotel, the limousine will take you for an hour in the centre of Barcelona to discover the city by night before going to the nightclub. It is up to you to choose in which nightclub “partner” you wish to go and we will make the reservation of the table for you (request to be made at the time of your reservation). VIP cards will be delivered directly to your hotel.

      You guys have fun!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  16. good evening Vicente, I will visit Barcelona on April 7th and 8th 2018 and I would like to know the price for a guided tour of the stadium for two adults and a 9 year old child.
    Thank you in advance.
    Luyten Sabine

  17. Hello Vicente, for the citypass 2 days. I have to select my date to arrive in Barcelona that’s okay. As for the date and time I want to visit the Sagrada Familia and Guell Park I can choose the day and time I want to visit them? Can I choose different dates on the sightseeing bus or should all this take place as soon as I arrive in Barcelona??
    Thank you very much Denis

    • Good evening Denis, yes quite as I said to Luc, it is after purchase that you will receive an email allowing you to choose the dates of reservation to visit the Sagrada Familia as well as the Park Güell. For the airport return shuttle and the tourist bus, there are no dates to choose, tickets are valid for 1 year.
      Yours very much,

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  18. I will visit Barcelona from 26 to 31 December 2017 and will be located in the district of the SAGRADA FAMILIA What will be the good cultural plans, shows, restaurants, stroll, folklore at suitable prices for 2 women over 60 years, in great shape!
    We booked at L’Hostelbia?
    Which subway line should we take? from the airport to the hotel,???????
    During the holidays, are there any curiosities??
    Thank you for all your information. I look forward to seeing you! See you soon then!
    For the visits, how to book online to be “priority” and are there interesting rates according to the days or hours of visit,,,

  19. Hello Vicente, we are going to visit barcelona and we are going to live in sant joan despi Bcn 08970 I would like to know if I can take the unlimited ticket for 5 days of visit knowing that I take the tram to sant joan stop center miguel thank you

    • Hello Muriel, the Hola BCN 5 days allows you to enjoy all unlimited public transport in all areas included (except cable car), so yes!
      Barcelona, Vicente to visit Barcelona

  20. Hello Vicente.
    I will visit Barcelona at the end of September. I arrive in Barcelona on September 17 and there will be a strike at the airport I hope everything will go well also I only speak French hoping that it will not cause problems at the airport….
    I wanted to know, for the tourist bus you talk about the tickets cut file for sagrada familial and parc guell. So you don’t have to get me tickets to those two places, that’s included in the tour bus fare? Thank you

    • Hello Denis, indeed there may be some disruption at Barcelona Airport because of the strike (after the subway they attack the airport), however it may be 40 minutes late on departures nothing more and maybe Monday if it is like for the subway!

      To answer your question it is the offer of the Card Barcelona CityPass’ that you had to read, indeed, this pass’ allows to include the access to the Sagrada Familia queue-cut + queue-cutter access Parc Güell + A/R airport shuttle tickets + 1 day access to the Tourist Bus. This Pass’ is really well thought, here is the link.

      At your disposal,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  21. Hello Vicente, we are going to visit Barcelona in the week from 9 to 16 September.
    We plan to use the CityPass for 2 days. 75 Euros per ticket. Do the two days have to be
    necessarily be consecutive?

    We are 4 adults between 68 and 72 years old.
    Thanks to you, JC.

  22. Good evening, Vicente,
    Thank you so much for your answer:D
    I allow myself to ask you another question… From via Laeitina (where I stay 1 night) I must go to join the Sagrada Familia where we will stay for 2 days… my question is how to get from via Laietana to Sagrada Familia? Can Sagrada also easily reach the magic fountain?
    Thank you for the time you take to answer us. It’s really nice.
    Friend from Belgium

  23. Hello Vicente, I will visit Barcelona on September 3 and stay at the ibis calf hotel.
    Is the T-10 card valid up to this hotel?
    If not, which card should I buy?
    Thank you

    • Hello, yes the T-10 card is valid, but Mollès del Valles is located in zone 2D, which means that you will use 2 tickets for each trip. So your tickets might run out pretty quickly. I would have advised you to take a BarcelonaCard or a HOLA BCN, that will allow you to have your unlimited trips (no matter the zone).

      Here to help you the graph of the transport zones in Barcelona Click here

      Have fun in Barcelona
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  24. Hello Vicente, we are 3 adults and 1 child of 11 years, accommodation in El Masnou
    I look how to get to Barcelona and visit without taking the car if possible or leaving it in a free or cheap area. Can I take the train from El Masnou to Barcelona with a 2-day Hola BCN card or is something wrong?
    Thank you, Walle.

    • Hello, for El Masnou you are in zone 2E (see the map of zones), which means that you consume a little more than a normal ticket for each trip, the Hola BCN card will indeed allow you to move freely unlimited. As your accommodation is located in the centre of Barcelona, you should find a parking space for your car in El Masnou fairly easily. Enjoy your stay, four of you.

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  25. Hello Vicente… I’m going to Barcelona for the 1st time from 24 to 27 September and I have a bit the stress of the metro:)
    I would like to know if possible how to arrive from the airport to via laetina where we sleep 1 night. the next day direction plaza sagrada familia for nights how to get there without having to change metro line and how to find your way in the colours?
    For our 2 days from the plaza we want to visit as much as possible and we plan to take the tourist bus during the 2 days but in the evening whether to do either on foot or not or place visit ..
    We would like to see the fountains of Montjuc illuminated but still 1 x how to do 🙂 … always this stress of the metro lol
    Thank you for your information which will be very useful to me…

    • Hi, Katty,
      Thank you for your message. First of all, I would really like to reassure you, the metro in Barcelona is very well realized and you are really safe. It is very practical, very well thought out and you save a lot of time to go from point A to point B. I would like to recommend you to try at least 1 subway trip so that you can see the safety of this transport in Barcelona, really.
      To answer your question, to get from the airport to Via Leitana, the only solution (except metro), would be to take an aerobus that goes to Plaça Catalunya, then you will have to find a bus (V15) that will allow you to go to Via Laietana (attention very long street) or on foot (10 min. walk). So that you can circulate with public transport (subway, bus, tram,…), I recommend you to have a carte Pass’ or a card HOLA BCN it will be very useful for you!
      You are absolutely right, taking the Tourist Bus will make it easy for you to visit all of Barcelona easily and get from point A to point B. To see the magic fountain of Montjuïc, this one is located near the Plaça d’Espanya, you will have to go there by bus because it is a little far from the Via Laietana, or go there by Tourist Bus (Red Route : see the page of the Tourist Bus).

      Nice visit Katty!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  26. Hello Vicente, I will visit Barcelona from 14 to 18 August.
    I arrive late on the 14th and leave on the 18th in the evening.
    If I take a City pass from the 15th to the morning for two days and I leave again on the 18th in the afternoon.
    Is the transport Barcelona Airport from the 14th to the evening and the transport Barcelona Airport (Prat) valid?

    The Pass starts on the 15th and ends on the evening of the 16th.
    We are at 3
    if it is not possible what would be the best Pass for us knowing that we want to do two days of Bus Hop and visit Sagrada and Guel at least in the pass.

    Thank you in advance


    Thank you for your information.

  27. Hello Vicente,
    Going with a friend to visit Barcelona during the week, I would like to know which bars/dancing would you recommend? (good cocktails) or latin music nightclub?

    • Hello Christophe, the Gaudi museum is in the free zone of the Güelle Park. So your tickets do not allow you to enter the paid area of the GÜell Park “Monumental Zone”. To access Güell Park in the paying area, you must take your tickets here.

      Nice ride!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  28. Hello Vicente,
    Great article I liked;)
    We will visit Barcelona from September 11 to September 15, 2017 and port aventura from September 15 to 17, 2017 with our children of 5 and 2 years, I try to understand how to get us to Port Aventura but I confess to you that I do not understand much there. We will use public transport and I saw that we could get there by train… We’ll leave from the Hotel Sales Père IV. And for the return idem is that the train can lead us to the airport or not? because Sunday night we’d spend it at a hotel near the airport because our plane leaves at 7:00, if you have a tip I’m taking.

    Ps: Do you think we should book the Sunday night hotel where we can find a room easily? Sorry that’s a lot of questions:).

  29. Hello Vicente, I will visit Barcelona from 15 to 18 August; which of the passes is the most interesting (3 adults).

    • Hello Philippe, I will recommend the Barcelona CityPass’ it is a pass’ which is interesting if you come to Barcelona by plane, indeed this one integrates the return flight by Aerobus from the airport towards the city center + the tickets cut-file to visit the Sagrada Familia and Parc GÜell + 1 day access to Touristic Bus Hop-on Hop-off + 20% discount code on most partner attractions. This pass is ideal to couple with the HOLA card BCN which allows you to have unlimited public transport (bus, metro, funicular, tram) (from 14,50€). You will find the very complete article on the details of the maps.

      Enjoy your stay in Barcelona,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  30. Hello Vicente, indeed your site allowed us to prepare our trip as well as possible and in particular to buy by internet the tickets for the visits which we wanted.
    Among other things we bought our Hola for 5 days. I have the payment and order receipt.
    Do I have to go somewhere to exchange it for a genuine ticket?
    Thanks for your help. Olivier.

    • Hi Olivier, I’m glad I can help you on your trip! You made the right choice, the HOLA card BCN is a very good value for money. This card will be collected on the points specified on the Voucher. It seems to me that there is one at Aéroport El Prat.

      Have a good time!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

    • Hello Betty, tickets at 15€ to visit the Sagrada Familia it is a ticket queue cutter only.
      The Ticket queue cutter + access to the Tours is from 22€ (see here).
      Nice visit to you!

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  31. Hello Vicente. A big thank you for the large amount of information and good plans found on your blog.
    We arrive in Barçelone on 19/08 for 5 days of discovery.
    We don’t especially like public transport, and we prefer to walk.
    We will be accommodated 50 meters from the Catalunya square.
    Do you think we can visit everything on foot?
    My second question is about the Olympic swimming pool….we would go there for a few lengths while enjoying the view….are there lockers to deposit money and camera ( we will stop there while visiting the Montjuic district)
    Many thanks in advance

    • Hello Corinne, thank you. You know, generally you go from point A to point B in Barcelona by metro, and even by metro you walk a lot. You will be on a central square, Plaça Catalunya, so you have just about everything nearby (Las ramblas, Quartier l’Eixample, Passeig de Gracià, Barceloneta,…). But you will have to walk a lot a lot very long to get from point A to point B, Barcelona is a very big city. Especially if you go to Montjuïc, you will have to take the cable car or the Funicular (if not to walk all along Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes to join the Plaça d’Espanya to then join Montjuïc (I take this opportunity to invite you to discover the Poble Espanyol, that should please you…). For the Olympic pool (Piscines Bernat Picornell), I don’t know if this one has lockers which close, I think that yes as in all swimming pools in general, this swimming pool is not any more what it was, indeed, the water is not very clear because of the sun cream, the premises are badly maintained (chairs and certain breakable deckchairs and the not very friendly personnel. You can read the opinions of the visitors by Google. After that it should be enough to do some lengths!

      Have fun and take care of your little feet…
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

    • Hi Marc, this is a very good question, I’m going to do the details on my article, the Barcelona CityPass’ has two options. The first one has the queue entries only. And the second option includes the visit of the towers of the Sagrada Familia + audio guides. Audio guides are not included in the first option, only queue tickets.

      I hope I helped you! Enjoy your stay in Barcelona,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  32. Hello Vicente, I travel with adults with mild mental disabilities, I will arrive in Barcelona by minibus.
    The question is: where to park the minibus and access a stop on your buses

    • Hello Marie-Christine,
      To visit Barcelona by Tourist Bus (it is a very good choice, they will love it I think!), several choices are offered to you. If you can park in underground car parks, you can park next to Barceloneta located next to the Port of Barcelona, there you will find an underground car park located at 22 Passeig de Borbo (provided that your bus can enter an underground car park). The advantage of this car park is that it is ideally located and that it allows you to pick up the stop “Museum d’Historià de Catalunya located right next to the car park (see the red line route of the tourist bus). If your bus cannot enter in underground parking, I will recommend you to park on the hill of Montjuïc next to the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC) located at this address: Carrer del Mirador del Palau Nacional, 11, you will be able to recover the bus stop Touristique named MNAC red route. Good visit to your curious children, think to hydrate them well because they are likely to be very very hot in Barcelona.

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  33. Thank you vicious for your answer. By the way we are looking for a neighborhood where we can go out in the evening to land in a pub or stay with animation. What neighborhood are you proposing. Thank you

  34. Hello Vicente, I am going to visit Barcelona on September 3rd, can you tell me if there will be people on the tourist places in this period?
    Where can I buy clothes for not very expensive, because I am told that there are sorts of liquidation hangar or we can find brands at very low prices
    thank you


    • Hello, thank you for your request, on September 3, you will arrive on the end of the very high season but you will remain on the still very visited period of Barcelona.
      So yes you should find a lot of tourists on the main tourist attractions as well as in the streets of Barcelona. For the shopping part, I think the famous hangar Outlets are in Granolers (25 min. from Barcelona) near the Roca Village. You get a lot of discounts, but you also get a lot of end of shows. You will find a article that groups all shoppings zones here on Barcelona.

      Have a good time,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  35. Hello Vicente,

    I will visit Barcelona from July 30 to August 02, 2017.
    On your advice I booked one of your 12min helicopter. I got the e-mail with my tickets.
    Can you confirm if I understood the rest of the operations?

    They must contact me 24 hours before the day of departure in order to specify me the time of flight?
    Or should I contact them again myself?

    Thank you for your valuable information,

    • Hello, Mike,
      Yes you have understood everything, they contact you 24 hours before so that they can establish their flight schedules. They can contact you first. You don’t have to do anything!

      Have a good flight and have fun!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

    • Hello Patrice yes I confirm to you that your HOLA BCN card allows you to circulate freely on all the Metro network + the municipal buses + Tram and funicular.

      Have a good time!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  36. Hello Vicente, we are a group of 8 friends who come to visit Barcelona from 27 to 30 October 2017. We would like to visit the Sagrada Familia and the Parc Guell with a French guide and queue cutting tickets to avoid waiting in line since our stay is very short. Are there coupled tickets for these 2 essential attractions of the city? If so, from which structures can they be purchased at the best price? if you choose to visit the towers of the Sagrada Familia, how much more does it cost? I thank you for your help which will be precious to me. Sincerely. Annie GASQ

    • Hi, Annie,
      Visiting Barcelona in a group of friends announces a nice stay that! To answer your question I would advise you to take the Card Barcelona CITYPass’. This card allows you to have the tickets queue cutter at Sagrada Familia + visit of the Tours + entry queue cutter at Parc Güell. This card also allows you to get a day access in the Tourist Bus Hop-On Hop-Off very convenient when you want to go from a point A to a point B to visit + the card integrates the transfers in Aerobus A/R of the airport towards the city center. The Barcelona CITYPass’ allows you to get a promotional code of -20% on almost all partner attractions, when you visit it allows you to reduce your overall budget thanks to this promotional code. To have unlimited transport on site I would advise you to couple this card with the HOLA BCN card, so you will be able to move around freely especially if you stay more than 3 days. For the guided tour with a guide, there are effective audio guides that allow you to visit the Sagrada Familia area by area and thus save you the booking of a real guide.

      I hope I helped you,
      Enjoy your stay and your friends!

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  37. Hello, I will visit Barcelona on August 5 and I would like to know if it is possible to see a training Barça at the ciutat sports Joan Gamper.

    • Hello Carine, you are absolutely right, players train at Ciutat Sportives Joan Gamper, unfortunately training is often closed to the public and I have no information on training schedules, they do not communicate:(

      Have a good time,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  38. good evening we will visit Barcelona from 11/09/2017 to 15/09/2017 and we arrive by car on 11/09/2017 the day of the Catalan diada…
    Which time slot should we favour? in order to arrive without being too disturbed by the demonstrators this day thank you for your understanding cordially

    • Hello, indeed arriving on the day of the Diada may upset the traffic axes when you arrive on Barcelona. I’ll advise you to arrive as soon as possible. You may find the road that takes you to Barcelona via the blocked Port Vell. The advantage is that the flow of tourists will be much less important than in high season.

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  39. Hola, soy Renato, responsable de marketing de “Barcelona y Flamenco”.
He visto tu blog y me ha parecido muy interesante.
    Te resumo quienes somos:
    “Barcelona y Flamenco” es la productora del los tradicionales espectáculos “Opera y Flamenco” y “Gran Gala Flamenco” de Barcelona.
Llevamos más de diez años con actuaciones en el Teatro Poliorama y en el Palau de la Música Catalana, convirtiéndose en las producciones más vistas en los teatros de Barcelona.

    Nuestro publico proviene de todas las partes de mundo y por eso nos gustaría ampliar nuestra presencia en el medio digital.
    Habría alguna forma de que podamos realizar algún tipo de colaboración?
    Quedo a la espera de tu respuesta.
    Un saludo.

  40. Hola Vicente,

    Your site is super top! I would like to book a scuba diving experience for my companion, not being able to dive myself, I would still like to take the boat with the group, do you think this is feasible?
    And would you have an address to advise me to ride a horse and go for a walk on the beach?

    Thank you!!!

  41. Good evening, Vincente,
    I booked and paid for my tourist bus tickets and camp tickets this afternoon and have not received any confirmation emails or tickets. I booked through the link you recommend. We leave for Barcelona tomorrow morning… I’m a bit worried especially as my account has been debited. Is that normal? Can it take time?
    Thank you Marie line

    • Problem solved, they were in your spam,)
      Have a good time on Barcelona Marie Line!

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  42. Good morning,
    I will be visiting Barcelona from July 14 to July 16, 2017. i would have liked to book a 12 minute helicopter tour around the city as proposed on the site. we are two adults and a 2.5 year old child. if i book ,the site asks me how many adult places i want to book.must i book an adult place for my child?
    thank you for your reply

    • Hello, Audrey,
      Thank you for your message, your 2 1/2 year old child will take a seat and be counted as a passenger. I contacted the company and they confirmed it.
      I think it’s a bit of a shame to make such a young child pay…

      Have fun in Barcelona,
      Yours very much,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  43. I will visit Barcelona on July 22, 23, 24, 25 for Montserrat is there a lot of stairs to climb? Can we get there by car? And are the visits only on Mondays? thank you.

    • Hello Joseph,
      Thanks for asking. You’re right to visit Montserrat, it’s beautiful! Yes you can go by car and even if you see steps on my pictures, there is a climb without the steps accessible to wheelchairs just in case or even to bikes. The guided tour is only on Monday, otherwise nothing prevents you from going there yourself on the day you wish to visit Montserrat and its Monastery.

      Enjoy your stay in Barcelona!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  44. Hello Vicente, I am writing to you here because I did not find the way to contact you via the Facebook page of your site,
    I represent a Start-up called Celebreak (, we organize matches as well as tournaments, both women and men, of FOOTBALL here in Barcelona. The next two tournaments will take place on August 5 and 19, 2017, and the match sessions are daily. I saw that your “Visit Barcelona” website was promoting activities to do on site, and I was wondering if you could promote our activity or our events on your website?

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer,
    Sincerely yours,


  45. Good morning,
    I will visit Barcelona next week with my children and my husband in a wheelchair.
    I would like to know if Hop on Hop off buses are wheelchair accessible??
    Moreover, I saw somewhere that the entrance to the sagrada familia was free for the disabled person and an accompanying person. I managed to find out how to book for the disabled person but not for the accompanying person. Is there a way?

    Thank you for your answers
    carole AJAC

    • Hi Carole, yes I confirm that the Bus Hop on Hop Off are wheelchair accessible. For the Sagrada Familia, I would have advised you to go directly to the counter, so you will be considered as accompanying therefore entrance free.

      Have a nice stay in Barcelona!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  46. Hello, I accidentally bought on site 6 helicopter flights of 6min. I only want 2 (see Order form: 922017022024 of 30/3/17)
    How to make a possible refund or how to arrange.
    We are 1 adult and 1 child and only need 2 places.
    thanks in advance

    • It’s okay Daniel, it’s all settled! Enjoy your stay in Barcelona!!! and have a good flight! ,)
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  47. Hello Vicente,
    We are going to visit Barcelona and I would like to surprise my fiancée by offering her this flight. The little problem is the weather, and it’s not fantastic. Is a refund possible in case of bad weather, partial or total? Thank you in advance for your return.


    • Hello, Amina,
      Thank you for your question, yes quite if the weather conditions do not allow a safe flight two scenarios arise. Where you reschedule a new flight together or the flight is cancelled so refunded.

      Have a good time
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  48. Hello Vicente, we are going to visit Barcelona soon, how much does it cost to visit the Barca stadium?
    3 adults and 1 child

    Thank you, Rose.

    • Hello Rose, thanks for your request, you will find all prices to book here:
      Have a good time!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  49. Good evening Vicente, I am going to visit Barcelona but when, how and where to get the Barcelona Card when you arrive late by plane, at times when the tourist offices are closed?
    Thank you for your answer

    • Good evening Daniel, I had the same little trouble, I arrived yesterday in Barcelona and my plane arrived late, but maybe a counter at the airport will be open. If not really the choice, you will be able to recover your BarcelonaCard that the next day at 17 Plaça Catalunya. If you travel by subway, you will have to pay the first transport ticket which is at 2,10€ it seems to me,)

      Have a good trip now it’s really rainy and windy… But it’s still Barcelona and it’s sales time!

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  50. Hello Vicente,
    I am going to visit Barcelona soon and I would like to know how to go directly to the main entrance of Guell Park, by metro, with 1 queue-cut ticket that I bought in France?

  51. Hello Vicente,
    I will visit Barcelona in February and would like to know if the audioguides to visit the history museum, Place Rei, exist in French.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you for your question, unfortunately I can’t answer you, I don’t have any up-to-date information on this subject.
      Tickets will cost you a little less than 7€ / person.
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  52. Hello Vicente,
    First of all thank you for offering us your help and your advice to visit Barcelona it is really very nice to you!
    I will be in Barcelona with my husband and my parents from 24 to 27 December inclusive and we would have liked to attend a Christmas Mass.
    We thought we would eat at the restaurant on the evening of the 24th and go to Mass on the 25th. We’ll stay at Carrer del Cadi but for our trips we think we’ll take the ticket 70 trips that we can share if I understand correctly.
    I can’t find any information about the masses on December 25th. Are there any, by the way? I saw that you advised another person to go to mass at the sagrada familia but someone told me that there is no mass at the sagrada…
    Do you know in which church we can attend mass on the 25th? It’s better to go on the 24th at night maybe?
    Thank you in advance

    • Hello Aurélie,
      I’d love to help you. If you wish to attend Christmas Mass on Sunday 25 December I would advise you to go to Santa Maria del Mar Cathedral. more here. Two masses are available on Sundays, at noon and 7:30 pm.

      How to get there from home: your itinerary hereMap

      Enjoy your stay in Barcelona with your family!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

    • Good evening, yes completely, Tibidabo with its 512 meters high, is the highest peak of the Serra de Collserola. There is the Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is splendid.
      You will have an unobstructed view of Barcelona and you do well to ask the question because visiting Barcelona is also knowing how to get away from the city centre to discover something other than the great tourist activities. Take the Tram Blau, a magnificent old-fashioned blue tram that takes you up to Tibidabo. There is also the Tower of Collserola which can be visited, you can see a splendid panorama (article of the Tower of Collserola).

      Barcelona, Vicente to visit Barcelona

  53. Hello Vicente, I will visit Barcelona on February 19, 2017 how to know if tibidabo will be open that day? And what ticket would you advise me to buy by going with a teenager? Thank you very much! Remy

    • Hello Remy, thank you for your request, when you visit Barcelona on 19 February 2017, Tibidabo Park will be open on Saturday and Sunday (month of February) from 11am to 5pm. Especially you can book your tickets for you and your son on the Tibidabo Park page (clicks here).

      Have a good time!

  54. Good evening, Vicente,
    I make a surprise to my darling and our 3 boys (13,9,6 years old) we are going to visit Barcelona on December 20,21 and 22 it is a first for us:) difficult for me to organize everything alone in secret to visit Barcelona… I have for example a doubt on the fact of buying the Barcelona Card, which would come back to me anyway to us 5 to 171euros… it still makes a budget!… I want to make the effort if really it is worth it… with regard to tight finances I had planned as outings, the aquarium, the cable car and of course the new camp… They are mega giga fans of Fc Barcelona, I wanted to know if you know if it was possible to attend one of their training? Does it pay? Are they training at the Camp Nou? What are the training schedules? If I could get them to see even Lionnel Messi from afar, I think I would obviously be the best mother in the world… Otherwise a place where we might get a chance to see them? can we see their house? …so we will be there in Christmas time so well on the Christmas market will be unavoidable:) So I have a doubt about taking the Barcelona Card or just a transport card? Then I thought maybe we’d do something crazy… Going to Port Aventura together… Is it worth it at this time of year? I saw that it was far, does the Barcelona Card include the journey to there? Otherwise how much do you think it would cost us? I keep asking myself 100000 questions to please them without exploding the budget to visit Barcelona… Otherwise with the Barcelona card I have seen bcp Museums or visits at reduced rates what visits are essential for children? Thanks bcp! Have a good night. Audrey.

    • Good evening, Audrey,

      Excuse me for the delay of my answer but it is a busy period in work… First of all you are already the best mother in the world (most certainly) to offer this pretty little stay to your darling and to your 3 children, to visit Barcelona during Christmas time (you can discover the Christmas article in Barcelona here!!!! That alone makes you great! It’s a certain budget and you have to optimize each expense and travel especially with 5 people.

      To answer your question, the Barcelona Card presents a certain cost I confirm it to you, this card is very useful but I invite you to go on the dedicated page which will allow you to see if the activities that it proposes to you really corresponds to your needs. If you simply need to have an unlimited comfort of transport, take the Hola transport card on 3 days tout en bas de cet article), it will return to you at more reasonable costs. Think you’ll have food expenses on the spot, visits,…

      Camp Nou. As already explained in Emilie, When you visit Barcelona, go to stade du Camp Nou, the children will take their eyes full, not to miss the small visit of the museum of the Camp Nou to see the trophies and the history of the Club! To see the players or to attend a training session, it will be quite difficult but not impossible. The idea is to go directly to the Ciutat Esportiva training centre (see itinerary from the Camp Nou Stadium). It will be necessary to come 2 hours before the training sessions (schedule of the sessions:, you will see the cars of the players entering, not yet sure to be able to reach the training lawns…

      You can see them two hours before a match at the entrance of the Camp Nou car park which is located at Av. Joan XXIII. But be careful! No player stops: match obliges! The alternative is to go to the Barça training centre in Sant Joan Despí. Arrive at least an hour and a half before the scheduled training session (schedules are available on and post yourself at the entrance to try to stop the players’ cars. The training centre, called Ciutat Esportiva, is at the terminus of line 78 which leaves from Sants Station (40 minutes drive and a bus every 20 minutes). Alternatively you can take a taxi (about 20 euros from the centre of Barcelona).

      For the Port Aventura, it’s like Christmas in Disneyland, it’s nicely decorated and the universe remains magical, yes it can be a very beautiful outing! You will find all the information on the article of Port Aventura with the details of transport and activities. Have fun Audrey, it’s great what you’re cooking for them,)

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  55. Buenos días Vicente, somos una productora de espectáculo de Flamenco en Barcelona.
    A que dirección de correo electrónico te podría contactar para posibles colaboraciones?

  56. Hello Vicente,
    I will visit Barcelona and I booked at the Hotel Laumon (Sant Andreu) from 20 to 25 December. Can you tell me if there’s a church near this hotel to walk to midnight mass? Thank you


    • Hello Jacques, after checking, it seems that the closest church to your Hotel Laumon is the Sagrada Familia. For the moment the Midnight Mass will be grandiose but it will force you to take the subway. You will have to walk 10 minutes to the subway station “La Sagrera Line 5, then you will have 19 minutes subway stop Station “Sagrada Familia”. Here’s your route plan.
      Yours, Vicente, to visit Barcelona
      Visit Barcelona

  57. Hello Vicente,
    We’re going to visit Barcelona. What to do in Barcelona on 25 and 26 December? We are on a sightseeing tour with my wife and son. Can we find restaurants open these days?

    • Hello Jacques, it is a good idea to visit Barcelona during Christmas time. You will find info for activities to do at Christmas and yes the restaurants are open. Enjoy your stay with your family, be careful, cover up it can be quite cold!
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  58. Hello Vicente,

    I leave with my wife on 16/12 for 3 days to visit Barcelona. We lodge at Casa Maca, we arrive by plane at Barcelona Pratt Airport, we need the Map BarcelonaCard, it seems more adapted to me than to rent a car especially if it is the galley to park, one thought to go to Christmas market of Barcelona but it seems that the implantation is only done on the 21st 12 if my information is good… We go there to visit Barcelona, restaurants… we celebrate our 20 years of life together so if you have good plans, we take


    • Hello Max,

      Visiting Barcelona during the period of December is very pleasant, there is a magical atmosphere with the approach of the Christmas holidays as in all the big cities. This Christmas period in Barcelona might interest you, the Christmas market of the Sagrada Familia opens at the end of November, so you can enjoy it (named Fira de Nadal de la Sagrada Família).

      Have fun and take with your wife some warm clothes, we are in Barcelona but it’s still winter,)
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  59. Hello Vicente,
    we will visit barcelona from friday 11/11/2016 to 13/11/2016. We would like to buy online entrance/cup tickets for this monument + access to the towers. We would like a ticket with audio guide in French. Can you tell us how to do it or the address of an official site (in French)?
    thanks to you,


    • Hello Jean-Michel, when you go to visit Barcelona, the visit of the Sagrada Familia is inevitably a place impossible to circumvent. You are quite right to want to complete your visit by visiting one of the towers. You will find below the link to buy a ticket + tour + guided tour in English. This ticket will allow you to have access to the elevators and thus climb in the towers. I recommend tower n°1 (Porte de la Passion) which is very busy but it is also because it climbs much higher than the second tower. You’ll have a beautiful panorama from upstairs. For info it is also the period of the 48th Festival of Jazz Voll Damn, there are 136 Jazz concerts in all Barcelona, some are free and it takes place over a period of two months (official site of the Festival if you want + info).

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  60. Hello Vicente,

    I liked your website too much, it’s really beautiful.
    I would visit Barcelona in December and I would have liked to know the weather during this period
    also I would like to know if you can ride a bike mm if there is no bike circuit

    Thanks in advance for your answer:)

    • Hello Ridha thanks to you, I hope it will help you to visit Barcelona. To answer your question, I confirm that the weather in December in Barcelona has an average temperature of 10°C. Yes you can cycle, there are beautiful cycle paths along the Barceloneta along the beaches. You can raise bike or electric scooter to visit Barcelona differently… Think to take sweater and scarf there can be a little wind sometimes on the beach edge it would be a shame to catch cold,)

      Have fun,)
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  61. Hello Vicente,
    your site is really complete, I’m going to visit Barcelona at the end of the month and I think I’ll opt for the Barcelona Card but can you confirm to me (because according to the different information gleaned on the right and left, it is not always mentioned the same thing) that this card does avoid queues? On the other hand, I would like to visit some covered markets of which that of La Boqueria, which other markets can you advise me?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your message, it encourages me! I hope you found some useful information for your trip! For the BarcelonaCard, this one does not allow to pass in front of everyone on all the free sites.

      Here are the queue-cutter accesses (be careful Paul, this list may evolve) :
      MACBA (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art)
      Foundation Joan Miro
      Chocolate Museum
      Egytpian Museum
      Olympic Museum

      Anyway, you accompanied the map, a map of the city and a 164-page Guide with all the details of the BarcelonaCard’s offers and advantages. This card is a real good purchase, just a few visits and unlimited transportation will allow you to quickly recover your costs.

      And for the markets, you are quite right to visit the Boquerià market, you can also visit the following markets which are covered markets :
      Marché la Boquerià
      Santa Caterina Market
      Concepcio Market (flower/meat market)
      Marché dels Encants (big flea market)
      Princesa market (my favourite in the heart of Born, small restaurants…)

      Enjoy your stay in Barcelona Paul,)
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  62. Hello Vicente,

    First of all this site is really very good, bravo! We will visit Barcelona. I want to organize a weekend to visit Barcelona with the family. We are 10 young people in total including 2 military and 4 students. Are there any rates for these titles, please? If not, will there be possibilities to have group rates? Knowing that one day we will spend in Port Aventura and the next, visit the city.

    Thanks to you 🙂

  63. Hello, Vicente,

    I am going to visit Barcelona and I intend to buy the Barcelona Card 5 days and from what I understand, transportation from the airport to the city is free but not the other way around…could you confirm me the information? Also, if so, how much will it cost to get me from the city to the airport?

    Also, there are discounts to visit the Gran theatre del liceu and visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona?

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    • Hi Alex, thanks for your message. The BarcelonaCard allows you to visit Barcelona and get unlimited public transport for 5 days, both the outward journey from the Airport -> City Centre by metro or train and for your return journey to the city centre-> Airport provided that you are within 5 days of the validity of your card,)

      Unfortunately for these sites there is no (I think) discount with the Barcelona Card, often institutions that are very busy do not wish to carry out this type of partnership:(

      Here to console you… the list of places free or at reduced rate thanks to your barcelona card :
      Free sites to visit barcelona

      Yours, Vicente, to visit Barcelona

  64. Hello Vicente,

    First of all thanks for this great site!

    I’m organizing a surprise weekend for my lover to visit Barcelona. I’m fine-tuning all this and I would love to go to Montjuic on Sunday evening to see the fountain lit up. The problem is that I see that the cable car to go there closes at 21h, except the “show” starts at 21h30.
    How do people get there? Is there any other way down?

    Thank you!!

    • Hello Amélie, thank you for your comment, this site is a lot of information and work, and I really hope that everyone will find an answer to his question about Barcelona! To answer you, to visit Barcelona, I will indeed advise you to take the cable car (it will be more romantic), on the other hand for the return, I recommend you to return by subway. Indeed, if you go to Montjuïc, the magic fountain is located near the station Plaça d’Espanya you will have 500 meters on foot and from this station you will be able to go where you want to go home,) An article that could be useful for you :
      Have a good time,
      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  65. Hello Vicente,

    Thank you for your informative website! Tell me, can we show on a smartphone the booking confirmations of visits such as Casa Batlo, Sagrada Familia, Palau Guell, Park Guell when we visit Barcelona or should we absolutely print them?

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hello Laure, it is really advised to print the Vouchers (reservations), some tourist sites do not validate the presentation on smartphone (which is stupid I agree with you!)…
      Have fun when you visit Barcelona, Vicente to visit Barcelona

  66. Hello Vicente, I’m going to visit Barcelona in September, I booked for 05 days…sincerely the map of the metro/bus is too complicated…I would like you to simplify the work for me so that I can go and move easily…thank you.

  67. Hello Vicente, thank you for your site!
    I am going to visit Barcelona and I am stopping at PARIS BARCELONA (TGV) at the end of July and I would like to know what route and mode of transport I need to take to get to PALMA DE MALLORCA by ferry.

    • Hello, it’s going to make you a hell of a trip, Paris Barcelona by TGV is at least 6h30 and 140€ / person not? Can you confirm me this information, I put it in the Guide de Survie to visit Barcelona. You will certainly arrive in Barcelona by the station of Francià? If you’re taking the ferry to Palma, I assume you’re going to take the Baleria, right? If it’s that ferry, it’s gonna be very simple for you. You can do it on foot and offer yourself a short walk along the coast in the heart of Barcelona from Quartier Ribera Façade Maritime, you will have 1.6 km on foot to get there. Here is your route when you arrive at the gare de Francia de Barcelone. Happy holidays to you!

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  68. Hello Vicente,
    We leave with our family to visit Barcelona from August 20 to 27 with 2 children football fan, so visit the MANDATORY Camp Nou! I would have liked to offer them a second surprise by having them attend a Barça training session, but I don’t know where to find out about the times and venue? Can you help me??

    Thank you, emilie.

    • Hello Emilie,
      When you visit Barcelona, go to the stadium of Camp Nou, the children will take their eyes full, do not miss the small visit of the Museum of the Camp Nou to see the trophies and the history of the Club! To see the players or to attend a training session, it will be quite difficult but not impossible. The idea is to go directly to the Ciutat Esportiva training centre (see route from Camp Stadium Nou). You will have to come 2 hours before the training sessions (schedule of sessions:, you will see the players’ cars enter, not sure yet to be able to access the training lawns…

      You can see them two hours before the meeting at the entrance of the Camp Nou car park which is located at Av. Joan XXIII. But be careful! No player stops: match obliges!
      The alternative is to go to the Barça training centre in Sant Joan Despí. Arrive at least an hour and a half before the scheduled training session (schedules are available on and post yourself at the entrance to try to stop the players’ cars.

      The training centre, called Ciutat Esportiva, is at the terminus of line 78 which leaves from Sants Station (40 minutes drive and a bus every 20 minutes). Alternatively you can take a taxi (about 20 euros from the centre of Barcelona).

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  69. Hello Vicente, what is the most practical and economical way to visit Barcelona and join La carrer ganduxer in companies of my small family of two children ,One is 6 years old and the other 3 years old since the Airport El Prat? Thank you

    • Hello, when you visit Barcelona, to access the Carrer Ganduxer, the route will take you 1h15. Departure from Terminal T2, there are shuttles every 15 minutes. Take metro L9S (Line 9 South), then a change on line 5 to finish with a last change on line 6. Reduced rate for your 6 year old child, free rate for your 4 year old child. Map of the route to take: Click here

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  70. Hello Vicente,
    I’ll soon be going to Barcelona for one night and I’m looking for secure bike parking.
    Do you know a place?

    Thank you

  71. Hello Vicente. we come to Barcelona for the weekend (from June 24th to June 26th) for the final of the TOP 14. we would like to know how to get from the campsite “estrallas” to the stadium? Thank you, Key.

    • Hello Clementine, excuse me for the delay of my answer, I am currently in the Balearic Islands. To visit Barcelona and go to Stade du Camp Nou where the Top 14 final takes place, here is the route by car (Click here), but I recommend you see the opportunity to get as close as possible to the NOu camp stadium by metro, so to go there by metro (to do so, you would have to return to the airport by bus or car to take the T1 Metro station (click here) then take the metro to the Camp Nou Stadium (that means you will have 13 metro stations about 38 min. and you will have to walk during 4 minutes (here is the plan), you will tell me if your campsite is well, I see that it is located near the airport and a beach. Enjoy your stay, Barcelona, Vicente to visit Barcelona.

  72. Hello Vicente,

    I would like to reserve 11 electric scooters for Saturday July 02 at 11am. Could you recommend places in the centre of Barcelona where it is possible to do so without us having to pay for the service in advance, please?
    Thank you so much, Gwen.

    • Hello Gwenaelle, thank you for your request, I will recommend that the reservation in advance given the availability of scooters and the organization of the time slot. Attention, during this period July / August, book in advance it will avoid bad surprises… To arrive without booking risks to make you come for nothing especially that often it is slots of 1h, 2h, 3h, and for your group of 11 it is necessary 11 scooters available on the desired schedule…

      Yours, Vicente, to visit Barcelona,

  73. Hello Vicente,
    I am leaving in a few days with my 3 children (5, 9 and 11 years old) to Barcelona. I’m having trouble finding my way between cable cars and funiculars. I read somewhere that it was nice to go up the hill with one of the 3 (how far?) and walk back down to find a fountain show. I don’t know what to book, despite my wanderings on the various blogs, I’m saturated…
    Thank you so much!

    • Hello, it’s not easy to find your way around… So to climb the hill of Montjuïc there are two possibilities:
      1 – Take the Téléphérique from the port (red cabin) attention plan a cash payment (no credit card), often a long queue of 30 to 60 minutes. The wait is worth it, the view to go up to Montjuïc is incredible and your children will be amazed. In addition it is nice, to get there you can walk along the Port to admire the great Yachts.

      2- Or take the funicular from the Paral-el station (metro lines L2 and L3 by Paral-lel) and then take the Montjuïc cable car which is more modern (grey cabins) and there is less tail, the climb is nice but on another side of Barcelona.

      For 1 and 2: Arrival on Montjuïc. You will have to take direction Poble Espanol to then go down direction Plaça de Carles Buïgas, there you will find the Magic Fountain. On the other hand inform you about the schedules of the choreographies of the Magic fountain Article here. Enjoy your stay,)

      Vicente to visit Barcelona

  74. Hi Vicente!
    I will visit Barcelona, with my family, for the month of August. However, I can not find cheap apartment. To this end, I want to be outside Barcelona ( provinces), but not far from BCN (Barcelona International Airport). What would you advise me?

    • Hello, as you can imagine August is not the season when rates are discounted. Staying a little outside Barcelona is a good idea to discover another environment. I’ve made you two selections for a shared flat on the outskirts of Barcelona. Rates are to be discovered case by case (Click here). The second selection is to stay in the beautiful village of Sitges (it is 40 km from Barcelona, 38 minutes by car). You will find the selection in clicking here. For the Rates part you have to look at each case… Have fun, and especially take some sun cream. To move you on Barcelona, I imagine that you will perhaps be in car, there are parking cards not to worry where to park (see the article here), it can be practical you never know… Vicente to visit Barcelona

  75. Hello Vicente,
    First of all a big thank you for your site! I would like to know the opening days of Tibidabo in April.

    Thanks to you, Didier

You're going to visit Barcelona and you have a question? I'll answer it.

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